Hotel New Seasons

Hotel New Seasons

Hotel New Seasons

Terms of Service

Terms Of Service

A safe and comfortable stay for guests

To ensure that this Hotel has publicness (is accepted by public) and provides a safe and comfortable stay to guests, the following rules need to be followed: Not abiding by these rules may lead to cancellation of stay and/or refusal to use the hotel facilities. Further, if you happen to damage any equipment or fixtures inside the hotel premises, the Hotel reserves a right to charge you the full cost of the same.


Do not bring the following inside the hotel premises: a Animals, birds, etc. b Things giving off foul smell c Articles exceeding the normal amount that can be carried into a hotel d Guns, swords, etc. e Explosives, or articles containing volatile oils that may ignite or catch fire f Any other articles that may pose a threat to the safety of other guests staying in the Hotel

Do not scream, sing loudly, or create loud noises by any other actions inside the Hotel or guest rooms, as it may disturb or annoy other guests staying in the Hotel. Refrain from engaging into gambling or acts that violate public order and morals inside the Hotel or guest rooms. Do not distribute advertisement goods or sell articles to the other guests or collect donation or signatures from them inside the Hotel premises, without proper permission. Note that we may refuse stay to patients suffering from an illness that may cause discomfort of any kind to the other guests inside the Hotel. Do not leave your personal belongings in the passages or the lobby. Any acts of photography that may bother the other guests in the Hotel are strictly prohibited inside the Hotel or guest rooms. Any personal meetings should be held in the 1st floor lobby only. In principle, the guest rooms accommodating same guests continuously for two or more nights shall not be cleaned during their period of stay. Such rooms, however, shall be cleaned once in six days to maintain cleanliness. Further, if cleaning of one or more of the guest rooms is deemed necessary by the hotel authorities, the guests occupying the room(s) shall not have a right to deny such room cleaning.